Saturday, August 25, 2012

Merrily Bloom

To be happy is a decision.

 "Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!" -Philippians 4:4

Friday, July 13, 2012


HI GUYSS! Back again with another post. Actually I got bunch to tell you, starting that I'll be a 5th-grader in just few weeks *YEEEY!*, I had my ballet graduation-day, I went to Japan with my family, I had my RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Summer School, I visited Surabaya & Malang and now I'm in the middle of joining 'Laskar Pelangi' Holiday Workshop. Quite hectic yess? But this is what I love so there's none of grumbling or stuff, in fact I enjoyed it a lot! ;)

So yes, the day I arrived Jakarta after my Japan trip, I should have my RAD Summer School on that day (which was held for a week, but I missed that day class because I arrived Jakarta at 11am which is the same time my class starts). But nevermind, I joined the next day's class. I also felt really honored that I was taught by Mrs. Lynn Wallis (the principal of RAD herself which had come far all the way from London), Mr. Matthew and Ms. An An & Ms. Xue Hui (O School, HipHop Teachers). And I was really blessed and thank God as well that I got awarded as 'The Most Outstanding Ballet Performer' which means a lot for me. Just right the next Monday, I joined the 'Laskar Pelangi' Holiday workshop and I met so many new friends. We had our acting class, vocal class and also dance class. (A brief about Laksar Pelangi, what I'm learning is the musical drama of Laskar Pelangi. If you haven't watch Laskar Pelangi, you should really watch it because it really contains high moral values and also spirits that the children had was ahhhhhhh-mazing! ;D). The holiday workshop should be a 2 week program but I went to Surabaya&Malang in the weekend so I asked permission from the company. My Surabaya trip was a brief and I went there with my church friends & also my family. I surely will be back soon to Surabaya and Malang because 3 days were never enough and it's quite like a culinary trip actually :p

I'll soon post a lot of pictures about all this and that I promise. But yet, enjoy this first! ;)

Mrs. Lynn Wallis (RAD Principal) & Mrs. Lala (Indonesia's RAD representative)

Mrs. Fifi Sijangga (Marlupi's Artistic Director) & Ms. Claresta Sijangga

Ms. An An (O School, HipHop Teacher)   
Mr. Matthew (Ballet, RAD)      

 "I am I. CHEERS! :D"

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Land of Sweets

The final state of the competition went super well, I won the 3rd most favorite upon total 80-something team who auditioned so, thanks God :) I didn't manage to have a lot of pictures because my sister was helping me out backstage and my parents were still in Bali so yeah just give me the honor to share my joy and many thanks to God ;)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


A little flashback to last december, I visited Bali from 19 December and should be until 26 Dec but I was informed that I manage to go through the final state of a Dance Competition so I super thank my lovely parents who bought me a new ticket for me to go home earlier so I could join the competition. And also super thanks to my sister who accompany me to go home earlier ;) but despite all that, I had a lot of fun!
 there's my mom & dad (my sister is the one who take the picture so she is not present) & btw forgive my too excited face ;)
my hello kitty blackberry pocket holder with a stitch-in-popcorn keychain ;)  and yup, blackberry addict!
 the view from the suite that I'm staying in:

 and a little story to tell, I really love Gecko here. Gecko it's like a kids club filled with super bunch of fun kids activity. I did nail painting too by the way so it's a total fun!

What is Bali without all the fun and shinning beach? Love it! So on the 3rd day in Bali I went Marine Walking which includes Marine Walk (Walking on under the sea, yup, total epic!),  Canoeing, Banana Boats & Snorkeling and you may include swimming in the sea! EPIC!

 The marine walk is like we're going to walk under the sea for about 5meters below from the boat and using this big-bulb-helmet which makes us able to breath normally.

This is the end of my post. I super love traveling by the way, love the new places and adventure. Bali yet of course such a paradise to me! Thanks mom dad and my sister for a total epic vacation!